Saturday, May 31, 2014

What's new in May.

Many moons ago, I wrote the first post of The Hodgepodge Darling blog. I have been a pretty erratic blogger since that post was published, nothing like I'd hoped for in my original plan. But I do like to think of everyday as the perfect day to carry on with what you'd hoped you'd be.

So here we are. Carrying on.

This month has been a blur of busyness and setting up house. I think I'm more excited about the end of the school year than my kids are, not that the summer promises much in the way of a slow down.
So, to update you all, I will hit some highlights of the month of May and employ the help of my lens.

Some of what's new around here:

God did what He does and blessed us more than we could have asked or imagined. We got our own home. It came in the form of a vandalized foreclosure on four acres, after a three month limbo of financing and favor and help from more people than I could possibly name right now. 
It is perfect.  

This boy turned one.

And learned to walk.

This boy turned 7.

And this boy graduated high school.

This puppy grew quite a lot.

And we got our first chickens.

We started a journey of mourning after the tornado in April. 
(Upload your photo of the ASL Love Sign tagged #lovemovement. To donate to the Smith Family, go here. Please continue to cover them in prayers as they grieve their sons and rebuild their lives.)

And you see, April showers always bring in the May flowers….

The hope after the storm has reached far and wide.

And the life change as a result for it has sprung up as surely as the roadside wildflowers. 

I look forward to sharing with you all our new undertaking as we are given so many opportunities to pursue dreams. God is good, friends.

The verse on my heart for the last month is definitely Ephesians 3:20.
Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.

Until next time, 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

One month later.

Yesterday marked one month since the tornado.  I have been completely awestruck as I've watched the numbers on my blog soar into the millions since posting "The Cheerleader".  I can't even begin to compile the life change stories we've heard. Words have failed me when I've tried to describe the depth and power of God's love in this situation. And words don't often fail me.

For those who have asked, Daniel and April are recovering at an incredible pace.  Daniel is amazingly strong and getting around very well. April is still in a wheelchair but healing and as beautiful and strong as ever. They remain a beacon of hope in a storm, reflecting Jesus to millions of people.

Thank you all for the outpouring of love. Please continue to lift the Smith family in prayer. And be ready. Their story is far from over. 

April at a balloon release ceremony in honor of Cameron and Tyler.

With Love,