Wednesday, February 28, 2018



Your heart is my undoing.
Could I dive into the depths of your love?
Could I go, in my brokenness, to the deepest place where I can survive?
And there, could you heal me?
Touch the broken places so I can
Breathe a little deeper.
So I could go a little deeper into your

Take me to a revelation of You that requires You to
Live there.
Show me the bounds of my own understanding,
That I might tiptoe to the edge,
Outstretch my arms like the wings of a bird
Or maybe like your arms on the cross.
And then,
With a recklessness made in the image of
Your own loving abandon,
Might I throw myself headlong off the edge of
My own understanding.
Into the realm of Your understanding.
Into the wild and roaring sea that is the revelation of You.

See me, Abba.
Know me, Bridegroom King.
Unravel me in your presence.
And then hold me together with your merciful grace.
Allow me to drown in your heart,
So that you might breathe your very breath
Into my living water-filled lungs. 

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