Monday, April 9, 2012


This was a fabulous weekend.  Saturday morning, I was a proud momma cheering my babies on the soccer field.  Then, our amazing church home, ThatChurch.com, put on an extremely cool event for the community that involved dropping thousands of eggs from a helicopter over the Sylvan Hill football field.  Easter morning was spent at church celebrating the empty tomb and the afternoon was spent in my dad's backyard eating delicious food and watching the kids hunt eggs. Quite perfect, really.
The weekend is over but this is not a grumbly Monday for me. I am super pumped about several things right now.  So much that I found it almost easy to extricate myself from the bed I was sharing with a snuggly little one month old boy (a month already! unreal!) and come blog this post.

First, it's the kick off day for my city's curbside recycling program which means we got to set this bad boy out to the street this morning chock full of unsorted recyclables!  How easy is that?  It's exciting to think of how many people will start now that it's being made so convenient.

Second, I stumbled upon an Etsy shop in my search for wool shorties for Tobias and was lucky to find SuperFoxRocks.  I ordered this super cute pair of handmade shorties and upon receiving them I knew I had to have more!  The knitting is impeccable and they fit him perfectly.  I contacted Lesley and she got to work on a custom order of crimson and white shorties (I've procreated with a die-hard Sooners fan so my child is destined to a life with a lot of crimson and white) and a nice blue pair for good measure.  I saw photos of the customs this morning and can't wait to receive them. Follow the above link for her etsy shop or check her out on facebook here.  Her business is new but her skills are not lacking at all!  I will definitely be a returning customer!

Speaking of cloth diapers, that brings me to the next thing I'm excited about.  We are quickly approaching Earth Day.  No matter where I've lived since having kids, I always find an Earth Day celebration to attend. I love them because I can sling my babies in their cloth diapers and I can breastfeed and I can usually look around and see another mom doing the same.  Crunchy moms dig Earth Day.  
This year is going to be exceptionally cool and a first for me.  We will be participating in the Great Cloth Diaper Change, which is being hosted by Natural Bambino at the Arkansas Earth Day Festival. There are 262 officially registered locations in 15 countries where moms and their babies will come together and attempt to set a new world record for the most cloth diapers changed at one time.  Advocacy is the goal and the mass numbers just go to show the world that cloth diapering is no longer obscure.   Check out The Great Cloth Diaper Change website to find a registered location near you.  If you are in the Little Rock area, you can find the facebook page for the event here and then you can send me a message telling me you are attending so I can find you there!  Yay for new crunchy friends!

Also for the Little Rock folks, April 21 will be the date of the 2nd Annual Indie Arts and Music Festival by Etsy Little Rock.  I've been looking forward to this for quite a while. The fact that it takes place the same day as the Arkansas Earth Day celebration AND the Great Cloth Diaper Change makes me downright giddy to think about a beautiful April day chock full of festival goodness!  For more information on the participating vendors and musicians and to RSVP, check out the event's facebook page here.

So what are you excited about this Monday morning?

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  1. Lovely. Just lovely, i read through to the start of this blog. As i read it i only wished we lived in the same town : ) What a fun journey your on!
    : )