Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ah, summer; hot and hectic and gearing up for it's fully glory.
Jeremiah came in at about eleven last night with Asher and Jack dragging in behind him, sleep in their eyes and pillow pets under their arms, mutter big fish stories on their way to their beds.  They left Monday morning for a fishing trip at Lake Greason with my uncles.  It would appear from the phone photos I was having regularly texted to me that they had a blast.
Tobias and I stayed behind because he isn't quite big enough for sun and boating yet. I had grand plans of productivity in mind, but my allergies had other plans and they won.  I did get a chance to take some photos of my sister while she visits from Oklahoma City.

And she snapped a few of Tobias and me...

My sweet Tobias who is pushing 10 lbs. now!

We found a really lovely new location that I'd never shot before.  The wheels are turning in my head with ideas to go back.
Today will be full of catch up around the house but I have several cool projects, photography goals and fun kid activities planned for summer!  I will be back soon!

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