Saturday, June 14, 2014

Strike a fancy - The week in review

Whew. What a week. The summer, as expected, has started out in a whirlwind of activity. 

Miah and I traveled to San Antonio last weekend to pick up Maliah for the summer. We went down a day early and enjoyed some much needed time together before we came back to tackle the next several weeks.  
One of our favorite things to do when traveling through big cities is to visit places that have been featured on the T.V. show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.  We found ourselves in Dallas around lunchtime so we did a quick search online, watched a few episodes of DD&D on YouTube, and decided on Cane Rosso. It's a Neapolitan style pizza place with awesome atmosphere…

But frankly, I would have been happy to sit in a cardboard box and eat this pizza. 

It was insanely good. We had the Zoli and the Delia (bacon jam on a pizza. what?). I was sold when I read "house made cheese". Make your own cheese and I will love you. We will definitely be stopping here again in the future. 

The rest of our trip was short, but good.  I can never quite get over how big the sky is in Texas. 

We came back and I had a package in the mail from Do South Magazine, copies of the June issue in which The Cheerleader was published. It's really nice to have a copy of this article that has changed so many lives (mine included) that I can hold in my hands. And I adore this magazine and am thrilled that I will be contributing to it more in the future! 

Speaking of April, yesterday we had the opportunity to meet with some precious friends of ours for lunch. It was so wonderful to talk about Jesus and everything He is doing in our lives. Please continue to lift the Smith family in your prayers. I can't even begin to tell you the incredible work God is doing in and around them. Just wait though, you'll see. 

Some other things that have struck my fancy this week:

And lastly, just a bit of a glimpse into the last several days of our life. For all the fun and sweetness that I can't share in words. 

From my family to yours, have a beautiful week.



  1. These pictures of your children playing remind me so much of my childhood when Mama sent us outside to play in the mornings and we came home at dark! They're making memories for a lifetime. blessings, marlene

    1. Thank you Marlene! Most of these were from an "outside all day" kind of day!

  2. Love all this! The pictures of your children are precious beyond words!!!

  3. Thanks for the picture of April Smith. She looked amazing only 6 weeks after the tornado. I hope you will share what God is doing in her life and what she and her husband are doing for the kingdom as well. I'm sure He has big plans for both of them.